Thursday, March 22, 2012


What do you first think of when you hear the word rhythm? I feel most people would say music! In music, rhythm is the beat that continually carries along the melody. In interior design, rhythm carries the eye along a path at a pace determined by the elements that illustrate it. Rhythm is also used to establish a continuity and flow within a room.  

Here are the five basic types of rhythm in interior design, 
of which I will give examples of:
1. Repetition 
2. Progression 
3. Transition
4. Contrast
5. Radiation

Rhythm can come from repeating shapes and colors to help your eye move throughout the room.    

Progression can be seen in shapes progressing from large to small or small to large, such as a set of nesting tables, where each smaller table fits beneath it's next larger component. 

Transition is a rhythm that leads the eye without interruption from one point to another. Rhythm by transition can be established by a continuous line, usually an architectural element such as a crown or dado moulding or an arched doorway or shelving. 

Contrast is an abrupt change that forms interesting, repetitive rhythm. It can be seen in patterns - open/closed, busy/plain, light/dark combinations.

Radiation is another type of Rhythm which is closely related to radial balance. This type of rhythm can give a room a circular radiation feeling. 


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